Five Hurt, One Killed In Early Morning Liberty City Drive-By Shooting (Update)

via CBS4
Bikes are scattered outside the scene of a drive-by.
A sizable crowd was hanging outside a grocery market in the heart of Liberty City a little before 1:30 this morning when police say a white Nissan Maxima rolled up and someone in the car started blasting indiscriminately.

When the smoke cleared, four bystanders had been hit with bullets and two others hurt in the melee. One man died soon after arriving at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

The crowd was standing around outside a market at NW 13th Ave. and 62nd St. when the car drove up at 1:20 a.m., says Det. Kenia Reyes, a spokeswoman for the Miami PD.

After someone in the car fired a number of rounds into the crowd, the Nissan squealed away westbound on 62nd Street.

Police aren't releasing the name of the victim killed in the shooting until family have been notified, Reyes says. Three other victims with gunshot wounds are still at Jackson this morning; one is in critical condition, the other two are stable.

Anyone with info about the shootout should call detectives at 305-471-TIPS.

We'll update when we learn more about the victims.

Update: The victim killed in this morning's shooting was 19-year-old Jacorey Nathaveil Aaron, Reyes says.

Another man, 43-year-old Terry K. Brown, is still in critical condition with gunshot wounds. William Bernard Hadley, who is 18 years old, is in stable condition, and 27-year-old Collins E. Stanley Jr. was treated for his wounds and released, Reyes says.

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Crimes being committed by Haitians riding around on bikes looking for victims. Hello?

Hello? Police?
Hello? Police?

Haitian drug dealers are shooting the competition.


Haitian criminals
Haitian criminals

Haitian cops? What's up?

Letting Haitian criminals on bikes carrying guns take over?

Hello, Police?
Hello, Police?

Hello, Police?

Little Haiti is infested with bike riding Haitian teenagers carrying guns. Some break into cars and others sell crack to Americans.

Police are lazy
Police are lazy

Police need to get on the ball. Liberty City and Brownsville and Little Haiti is full of criminals. Idiot kids ride around on bikes looking for victims. These kids on bikes carry guns. Police? Wake up.


Weird, people hanging outside a market in Liberty City at 1:30am?

Too many guns
Too many guns

Police in Liberty City and Little Haiti are lazy. They hate leaving their A/C'd vehicles.

So many criminals with guns and too many lazy cops.

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