Florida: 18th Best State to Do Business in According to CNBC

Governor Rick Scott wants to make Florida the best state to business in in the county, but a report by CNBC suggests he has a long way to go. In its annual rankings of business friendly states Florida came in at a respectable but not stupendous 18th place tie with Tennessee.

CNBC broke down each state by ten factors. Here's how Florida ranked:

Florida walked away second overall for best workforce. CNBC "rated states based on the education level of their workforce, as well as the numbers of available workers." Though, in an anti-union twist, Florida also got points in the category for being a right-to-work state.

Florida fared worse, unsurprisingly, for a economy. The state also got low ranks for education and cost of doing business.

Though, the state is up ten places from last year.

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Michael Wind
Michael Wind

florida especially miami dade is the best place to do fraud business,everyone is on the payroll,there are thosands of companies in all the beach towns that are not paying taxes and do not have any occupational license,the most corrupt bay harbor islands and sunny isles beach....


Once you get past the liars, cheats, thieves, embezzlers, fraudsters (like our illustrious Governor) Ponzi schemers, stock swindlers, real estate con men, greedy developers, drug traffickers, and learning how to speak Spanish, no problemo, doing business in Florida should be E-Z.

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