Florida Woman Arrested for Posing as Her Husband's Ex on Craigslist and Posting BDSM Ads

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Natasha Larson
Bradenton, Florida resident Natasha Larson really doesn't like her new husband's ex-wife, Tracy Wilder. So she decided to post ads on Craigslist while posing as the ex looking for men who would be interested in coming by and roughing Wilder up. Larson has now been arrested and faces criminal charges.

According to The Smoking Gun, Larson set up a fake e-mail account, and posted ads on Craigslist W4M section looking for rough sex.

The ads used Wilder's full name, and stated she liked "to be thrown around a little bit and to be dominated, that is exciting for me."

Larson would then communicate with the men who responded, and in some cases gave them Wilder's home address and phone number.

Of course, Wilder was a bit shocked when men started showing up at her house and sending her text messages looking to throw her around. Apparently it wasn't something that excited her.

Wilder talked to one of the men, and he told her about the Craigslist ad. All in all, three men showed up for their pre-arranged date with Wilder.

Eventually, Wilder put a note on her front door explaining that the Craigslist ads were fake. After that, she saw another man walk up to the front door and then run back to his car after reading the note.

Wilder decided to go to the police. She told them she had suspected Larson, but police went through normal procedure. Using an email address that was attached to the ads, Police subpoenaed Google for its IP address. Turns out it belonged to Wilder's ex husband, and Larson's current husband. Larson eventually confessed and now faces a felony charge of criminal use of identification information.

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