Florida's Teenagers Can Now Sext Without Worrying About Becoming a Felon

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Gov. Rick Scott delivered terrific news for the state's horny and technologically advanced teenagers today. He's signed a bill that lowers the penalties for minors sending pictures of their junk to each other. Used to be kids could get charged with big-time felonies like distribution of child pornography. Problem was no one really wanted to charge kids with crimes like that for stupid teenage hijinks, so the new law actual represents a more practical way to deal with the matter.

Any under-aged, would-be Weiner who sends another minor a sexually explicit text message, photo or video will now be forced to either pay a fine of $60 or complete eight hours of community service.

The second offense however could lead to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine. Ouch. The charges could get bumped up to a felony on the fourth offense.

So basically kids, you only get three sexts before you become a felon. Choose that sext message wisely.

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Neither is a good idea, the sexting or going lean on the penalties, if the pedophiles find these kids first then we won't have to worry about what to do with them, hmm, it still doesn't make sense! This better not happen in GA!

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