Floridians Google "Free Gay Porn" More Than Any Other State, Apparently

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Here is some free gay porn for everyone.
Free gay porn! Free gay porn! Complimentary homosexual pornography! Recordings of men having explicit sexual relations with each other you can watch without providing payment in return!

Hopefully that should provide Riptide tons and tons of easy page views considering we are a blog that caters to Florida readers, and apparently Floridians Google "Free Gay Porn" more than residents of any other state.

We should mention we're taking our information from, of all place, a web comic. Calamities of Nature trudged through Google Insights data to determine "number of searched normalized by state's total search volume, and then normalized to 1 for the state with the most searches" They checked out searches for both "Free Gay Porn" and "God" and then plotted those against each other while also indicating the state's red/blue state status.

It was surprisingly illustrative actually:

via Calamities of Nature
So, uh, yeah, Florida is the number one state for searches for "Free Gay Porn." Congratulations Florida. We'll let you get back to search for "Free Gay Porn" now.

[via Wonkette]

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