Herald's Glenn Garvin Calls Obama "A Tan Version of Richard Nixon"

Nixon and Obama react to Garvin's attempt at humor.
President Obama's foreign policy perhaps deserves a closer look than the media is giving it. However, it might not have been the best idea for the Miami Herald's TV critic and occasional libertarian columnist Glenn Garvin to open his column today about Obama's "four wars" with a weird joke about the president's skin color.

"Back in 1987, the hot novelty item at the Young Republicans' national convention was a T-shirt bearing the slogan: 'He's Tan, Rested and Ready. Nixon in '88,'" writes Garvin. "The kids were just a little bit ahead of their time; it would take us another 20 years before we elected a tan version of Richard Nixon."

Oh boy, Garvin, that joke wasn't funny the first few times Silvio Berlusconi told it, and it sure isn't funny now.

Embattled and, frankly, supercreepy Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi has cracked an "Obama has a nice tan" joke a couple of times, each one feeling more awkward and inappropriate than the last.

There was also that time right-winger Grover Norquist, a guy who knows a thing or two about Nixon, called Obama "John Kerry with a tan."

It's not like the line is flat-out racist; it just uncomfortably and disrespectfully draws attention to the president's skin color.

Perhaps more important for Garvin, a guy who gets paid to write, is the fact that the "joke" has been done a million times. Come on, Garvin, think up your own zingers.

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"It's not like the line is flat-out racist; it just uncomfortably and disrespectfully draws attention to the president's skin color." = What is the big deal? His skin color was a tool to get more votes when he was running for president. Why does it all of a sudden become an issue when someone makes a joke out of it? Because skin color shouldn't make a difference? really? It sure as hell did when he was running his campaign.what is the point of this article? To draw attention to Glenn Garvin's thoughts or to portray Glenn Garvin as a sort of racists?Taking a page from FOX News eh?

There's only one thing wrong with this. The news is making news out of the news. As far as Glenn Garvin opening up with the "tanner version of Nixion" line, in reference to Obama... that's not a big deal. Grow up Bloggers.


Nice of the Herald to keep that racist around for the old Cubans to enjoy.

I thought that loser was just writing about TV?

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