Hospital Honcho Quits Children's Charity After We Expose Porn Connections

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On Monday, Riptide exposed that three local charities -- including one providing plastic surgery to children in Third-World countries -- had some very befuddling connections to the local porn industry. The three non-profits -- Child Foundation, American Love & Appreciation Fund, and the Click Charity -- have shared addresses with porn websites including At least four of the directors of the Child Foundation have links to smut giants Reality Kings and Bang Bros.

From a Child Foundation flyer (we added the red strike-through)
The exodus of medical professionals from the charity has begun. Baptist Health South Florida spokesperson Christine Kotler tells us that the hospital's vice president, Ricardo Forbes, has quit his position on the board of the Child Foundation.

"Mr. Forbes resigned yesterday in light of the revelations," Kotler said. "He was on that board with the understanding that Child Foundation was doing good. With even the appearance of such a connection, he felt it best to resign."

When we were looking into the story, attorney Mark Bryn, who's a director with all three charities, blasted our reporting as "slander" and our evidence as "incidental". But we were guessing that the charities' donors, and associated medical doctors, might want to know about the porn connection.

Turns out we were right. Nothing wrong with a little porn in your charity, we guess. But you might as well be up front about it.

Update: Kotler tells us that Robert Jakoby has also resigned from the Child Foundation.

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Way to "help the kids" asshole.  All you're doing is looking for dirt on a company that you have some sort of "beef" with and you're not finding anything so you're just trying to embarrass people.  What's your problem with them anyway?  Did your account at DickDorm get terminated for overuse?


Wow Gus, maybe if you try hard enough you can make all the people from these charities resign and give up.  Then they can just keep their money and focus on porn.  Fuck the common good.  People like you are the reason people can't do nice things these days.  How about you report on all the fraud within our city?  Research something beneficial to the community.  This article is about something beneficial that YOU are trying to destroy.

Need2 Know
Need2 Know

Are these the same folks who do pop up advertising on the nytimes website with the deformed children staring at you asking for money?


Could be, they use photos of deformed children in all of their material.


Gus, you really need to focus on real issues. Why does it matter that the charities are related to the porn industry? At least they are trying to help other people. What are YOU doing to help the community?

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