Lazaro Bernabeu Stabbed His Wife to Death, Then Took His Daughter Hostage

A tense standoff between a SWAT team and a man who fatally stabbed his wife came to an end after police successfully apprehended the suspect.

Lazaro Bernabeu, 49, is believed to have stabbed his common-law wife, Eileen Lozano, 32, multiple times following a dispute this morning. The man has a long history of domestic abuse charges and had only recently been released from jail. Police arrived at the family's home at 135 NW 26th Ave. in Little Haiti to find Lozano lying under the awning of the family's apartment in a pool of her own blood.

She was rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital but later died. Howeever, she was able to tell police that her 10-year-old daughter was still inside the house.

When police arrived at the apartment, Bernabeu refused to come out and used his daughter as a hostage.

A SWAT team was called in, and the standoff continued for more than an hour until about 11:30 a.m., when officers used a battering ram to enter the apartment. Bernabeu was apprehended, and the girl was found unharmed. The couple has another child, but their son was at school during the incident.

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Cuteninna Blanco
Cuteninna Blanco

ely i miss you so much words cant even explain it i feel so empty with out you we all miss from your sometimes daughter in-law


Eileen worked for me a few years ago.  She was sweet, happy, energetic and a very positive person.  Unfortunately, she was involved at the time with this sick person who I later learned was a violent thug.  I don't know why she stayed with him.  Abusive sickos don't ever seem to get better.  They all seem to wind up murdering those they claim to love. 


God bless her.. Elly we all love you and miss you..



If they would have killed him it would have saved Dade County tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next 30 years while he rots in prison. 

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