LeBron James Alive, At U2 Concert

lebron edge crop.jpg
Maverick Carter
The Edge has perfected a more subtle way of hiding his hairline than the LeBron Headband.
Good news, Miami! LeBron James has not fled the country, nor does he appear to be too depressed for a few photos with some fellow squagillionaires. Apparently inspired by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez's release of pictures to prove he's not too dead, LeBron's business manager Maverick Carter tweeted several pictures of the AWOL basketball star at Wednesday night's U2 concert at Sun Life Stadium.

There were only three pictures, but they're with some real heavy-hitters. He managed to get The Edge to take a break from guarding his end-of-rainbow treasure chest full of reverb to post for a picture, but his pic with Bono looks more like he's photobombing a picture of his girlfriend.

lebron bono.jpg
Maverick Carter
And he somehow stumbled across Michael Bay, the director of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, who is rumored to be behind a film project based on a 1999 New Times feature:

michael bay lebron.jpg
Maverick Carter
Farrah Fawcett may be dead, but her hair lives on in Bay.
OK, so he wasn't around for Chris Bosh's bachelor party. An evening with Michael Bay was probably much more magical.

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Who gives a crap that this guy went to the U2 concert, so did 79,999 other people.


What Fs me up about these modern day Stepin Fletchers is that they never come into the Black Communities, hang out with Black People and Black Children, or even invest or spend money in the Black neighborhood. I would give a shit it they hit 115 points in a game or snag 65 rebounds, As far as I am concerned, they are 21st Century Black Bootlicks and Dade County Court Jesters.


Give a Black Man a shot sucker

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