Mark Cuban Pastes Photo of Mavericks Hoisting Finals Trophy in Legal Argument

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Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has been sexin' his team's championship trophy every night. He said that Dallas fans "punked the shit out of" Miami Heat fans, using a phrase mostly unknown outside of the 12-year-olds-hangin'-at-Orange-Julius crowd. And now, as reported by our sister paper, the Dallas Observer, he's taken his gloating to the legal forum in unprecedented fashion.

Here's all the context you need: Ross Perot, Jr. owns five percent of the Mavericks and is suing Cuban for mismanaging the franchise. So Cuban's lawyer, the incorrigible Thomas M. Melsheimer, went all a-picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words-sir on that ass and... well, check out this legal filing for yourself.

2011-06-22 WC Mavs and Radical Mavs Mngt MSJ

Meanwhile, the Heat's own corporate porker of an owner, Micky Arison, silently weeps into his flan.

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I would counter-sue to take COMPLETE control of the Maverick's and remove everybody from the board and marvel in my awesomeness!!


From a legal standpoint that has to have saved Cuban a few thousand dollars on attorneys' fees. A real MSJ would be pretty expensive.  

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