Miami-Dade May Name Street "Marco Rubio Way"

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Senator Marco Rubio has only been in office for a few months, but Miami-Dade County may soon name a street in his honor. Commissioner Rebecca Sosa is sponsoring a resolution that would rename a stretch of Southwest 15th Street between 57th Avenue and 67th Avenue as "Marco Rubio Way."

That stretch of road is in the city of West Miami, where Rubio once served as a commissioner. The city itself already approved of the name in early May.

Of course, the city of Opa-locka already has President Barack Obama Avenue, but Miami-Dade County might want to consider holding off on naming streets after people until their legacy is more firmly established.

Lets not forget the lessons of Jose Canseco Street.

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Wow, they'll just name a street after anyone nowadays. They should've named it Neopotism Way.


I really wish they would stop doing that.You can't even read the street signs anymore, what a waste of time and money.


Cease with the race cards you twit. I'm a "spik" and think this is a waste.

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