Miami Herald's Moving Sale

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Now that the Herald is planning its move from its seaside lair to a third-floor Homestead office (above a Palacio de Jugos! Yes!), they're looking to unload some stuff. Here are a few of the items we're going to be looking for on Craigslist.

Dave Barry's sense of humor. Your grandmother will love it. (Fart and booger jokes sold separately.) 20 years old, severe wear and tear, sold AS IS. $26 or best offer.

20 Pulitzer prizes. Iran-Contra, Haitian immigration, Hurricane Andrews. Trophies have some damage from use in last few years as bludgeons to butcher stray cats in effort to stave off starvation. Will trade whole lot of them for cheeseburgers.

The Editorial Board. Sweet, but prone to erratic behavior. Afraid of modern technology. Each require own BMW for transportation. Pitts bites sometimes. Free to an understanding home, must be adopted together.

Two once-sizable testicles. Neutered. On a shelf around here somewhere. Will barter for more free interns.

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Good riddance
Good riddance

The Herald and MClatchy, the Heralds owner plastered ugly ads on three sides of it's iconic building.

The sell-outs finally sold out.


Also for sale, Journalistic integrity- slightly atrophied, hasnt been used in years. Will trade for one Lindsay Lohan related story...


So they're demolishing the building? Way to get rid of our Mimo landmarks!

Give Us Some Real News...
Give Us Some Real News...

The Miami Herald has been a non-entity for many years... They used to have honest to goodness investigative journalists there back in the 70's, when the Herald actually uncovered things like Government corruption, etc. Now the Herald is a former shell of itself with no redeeming qualities, their editorials are so politically correct it makes you want to vomit. That's what happens when you downsize and get rid of the "real" reporters as opposed to the wet behind the ears "interns" they have now.All you get now is a continuation of a byline from some other national syndication...YAWN... Boring!!! Get some originality...

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