Neither Gimenez nor Robaina Has Much Nice to Say About Rick Scott

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No matter who becomes Miami-Dade's next mayor, don't expect him to have the rosiest of relationships with deeply unpopular Florida Gov. Rick Scott. The race is nonpartisan, but both Carlos Gimenez and Julio Robaina are registered Republicans. However, at a debate this morning, both made it clear they aren't exactly seeking Scott's endorsement.

CBS4's Jim DeFede asked the candidates whom they supported in the governor's race last year. Gimenez said he supported Bill McCollum in the Republican primary but withheld support for any candidate when Scott ended up winning the primary. Pushed further, Gimenez admitted he had voted for Democrat Alex Sink. The bit of polling information that has been conducted has shown that Gimenez is more popular among Democratic and independent voters anyway, so the Republican's admission he had voted for the Democrat won't hurt much.

Julio Robaina also noted he had supported McCollum in the primary. He fessed up to supporting Scott in the big race, but according to Naked Politics, he said he wasn't happy with the way the governor is running Florida at the moment.

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Mia Chenique
Mia Chenique

i don't know how euther of these two republicans won the primaries ..i have reason to believe MIAMI is once again dooped...and ever going to get a good major who does not have there lobbyist..republicant's have proven that can not govern  


Not happy with Scott? Except for the High Speed Rail, all Scott did was sign BILLS passed by the REPUBLICAN LEGISLATURE. If you want change in Tallahassee, it starts in your local precincts. Find out how YOUR rep. or Sen. voted on the stuff you hate. If s/he voted FOR the bill, change it in '12.

Miami Heat
Miami Heat

Commissioenr Gimenez is a fruad. He claims to be the pure one in the race, while his son Carlos Gimenez Jr. has a very succesfull lobbying practice whose cleints made out like bandits. Jr's Lobbying firm represented STAR ONE STAFFING that land a hug Nursing Contract with Jackson Memorial Hospitl, no wonder that place is in the toilet. Gimenez is not what he appears to be.


Oh get a life.. Fraud you say??   ROBAINA IS A FRAUD... PROVEN FRAUD...  ask yourself.. Who is under current federal investigation???  Who did not pay taxes??  Who denied knowing the ponzi schemer till the pictures came out???  Turns out they were old chums huh?  Who lied about the checks FELIPITO WROTE to julio??? WHO LIED ABOUT THE MARLINS STADIUM...  Hey brother, just a note.... CHECK YOUR FACTS before you try and cloud the issues....


None of these guys is actually going to be squeaky-clean... this is Miami. But, don't we have to go lesser of two evils on this one? [Yes I know that's a scary concept considering we're talking about electing our next County leader, but still.]

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