Palm Beach County Man Having an Extremely Bad Year

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Nobody's saying Miami-Dade is particularly well-behaved, but GOOD LORD, Palm Beach, you kicked our ass on this one. What a mug shot. Such emotion, such conflict. And a faint suggestion of artful composition too.

Oh -- and this isn't his first arrest.

Indeed, it's 46-year-old Michael Liberatore's fourth arrest in 2011. It began in January, when he was arrested with a bunch of drugs:

liberatore mug 1.jpg
Slightly peeved, annoyed.
A month later, he was nabbed again:

liberatore mug 2.jpg
Irritated, outwardly defiant.
And the third time is DEFINITELY not a charm for ol' Mikey:

liberatore mug 3.jpg
Suffering from second-degree sidewalkface.
And then, last week, there was the all-out ragefest arrest and charges of DUI and possession of marijuana. Court records indicate he has court dates and trials all summer. Is this what all criminals are like up there in Delray Beach? Because here in Miami, our criminals say "please" and "thank you."

friendly burglar mug.jpg
Convicted cocaine dealer Dwight Daniels, arrested over the weekend: "Hello, miss lady."
Daniels was arrested and charged with burglary, which we are not endorsing. But if we had to encounter someone burgling an unoccupied structure, we think we'd stick with Miami's thieves.

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