Philip Morris Sues Miami Stores for Selling Counterfeit Cigarettes

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You can get a counterfeit version of almost anything in Miami. Apparently even cigarettes. Tobacco giant Philip Morris has filed suit against 17 Miami-area retailers for stocking fake cigarettes. We all know that the stuff in the name-brand smokes will kill you. We can't imagine what kind of stuff is in the knockoffs.

Philip Morris, which manufactures brands such as Marlboro, says Miami is one of the top three markets in America for counterfeit smokes. The company believes that more than one million packs of fake Marlboros are sold in Miami-Dade each year.

The fake cigarettes are often manufactured in China, and it's believed the sale of the cigs benefits black-market organizations that have ties to everything from terrorism to drug smuggling. Taxes are also usually not paid on the sale of the faux-branded smokes.

"The sale of counterfeit cigarettes is a developing issue in south Florida resulting in significant lost revenue for the state and Miami in a time when these funds are sorely needed," Jose Luis Murillo, a spokesman for Morris's parent company, said in a statement.

You can view a list of the locations targeted here. They range from Miami Beach to Hialeah. 

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fake cigarettes
fake cigarettes

I recently chatted with a friend who is deeply involved in raising awareness of human trafficking. I offered to share how intellectual property theft is tied to human trafficking by sophisticated criminals. My goal is for this piece to forever serve as a reminder to those of us who have been tempted to buy those inexpensive, counterfeit luxury handbags or watches. We are all aware of the issue, but until more informed, tend to think in terms of the big brand owner who is upset about loss of rights and profits. "So what's the big deal?" Read this, and I hope you will think again before you buy.


I love how the say shit like "It funds terrorism." yeah fuckin' right, dude. Just admit it, you're losing money and you don't like it.

Fuckin' corporations run America.

Juan R. Pollo
Juan R. Pollo

Sounds like BS to me. All they need to do is tell the revenooers and they'll take care of everything.


Dawg, they not lying on that one.

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