Poll: Rick Scott's Unpopularity Could Help Obama in Florida

Fresh off of its Republican primary poll yesterday, Public Policy Polling, a democratically-aligned polling firm, has released new numbers showing that large numbers of Florida voters are less likely to vote for a Republican presidential candidate in 2012 thanks to the actions of Rick Scott. The poll comes on the heels of another poll conducted by a Republican pollster that shows the Tea Party could hurt Republicans in Florida in 2012.

A sizable 40 percent of Florida voters say "Gov. Rick Scott's actions have made them less inclined to back the GOP presidential nominee next year." Only 26 percent say Scott's reign will make them more likely to vote for the Republican. Thirty-four percent said Scott would not have an effect on their presidential vote.

Even 18 percent of voter who said they don't approve of President Obama's job performance say they are less likely to vote Republican because of Scott, and 45 percent of independents say Scott will negatively effect the chances of the GOP candidate receiving their vote.

Turns out that hard right wing, Tea Party-aligned politics may not be such a big seller in Florida after all.

In fact, a poll conducted by Republican pollster and consultant Alex Patton shows that the Tea Party could be a real danger to GOP candidates in Florida. By a 2-to-1 margin Floridians say that the Tea Party does not represent their political views. The margin is 3-to-1 among Independents.

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I don't think we have seen the full measure of damage to his approval rating and the subsequent impact on the GOP. The budget (with more layoffs) doesn't come into effect until July 1 and the full impact of those changes to the general population won't be felt until first quarter 2012 - by then it will be too late to recover his reputation before summer campaigning really kicks in. By that time I think even a few conservatives may feel pissed off and cheated. Either way this governor is certainly going to make a good talking point for the Democrats.

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