President Obama Will Be In Miami Today: Here's His Full Itinerary

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South Florida is a favorite piggy bank of politicians of both parties, and it's no surprise that Barack Obama is making yet another fundraising trip to Miami today as he sets the groundwork for his re-election campaign. The president will make multiple stops in Miami before spending the night and then hopping a flight to Puerto Rico tomorrow. Here's his full itinerary (so you know which roads to avoid).

Obama is scheduled to begin his day in Raleigh, Carolina. Air Force One will arrive at Miami International Airport around 4:45 p.m.

According to his official itinerary, at 5:50 the president will deliver remarks at a private residence for a Democratic National Committee fundraiser. It appears to be at the home of former Samsonite CEO Steven Green and his wife Dorothea, and tickets went for $10,000 apiece.

Obama will then travel to the Arsht Center for the "Obama Victory Fund 2012 Kick-Off Reception with the President," where he is scheduled to speak at 7:20. General admission for that event started at $250.

CBS Miami reports that Obama will also attend a dinner at the home of Dr. J.P. and Maggie Austin. That's a $35,800-a-plate event.

The president will then spend the night in Miami before departing for Puerto Rico in the morning.

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To the Dog Pound...
To the Dog Pound...

Our Liar-in-Chief is an idiot who will be lucky if he's voted dog catcher after the way he's destroyed our country!!Try that boy for treason and while you're at it bring his Asshole General Ricky Holder up on charges too...


Thanks to him ive been stuck on a plane for 2 hours


My Lord... So... WHAT DO WE AVOID THERE KYLE?!!! Damn Groupie!

Give Us Some Direction...
Give Us Some Direction...

So what streets or neighborhoods are we supposed to stay away from...? Are we supposed to know where these people live...? Helloooo...


Nice to know that Caesar will be hobnobbing with the common working man whilst here.

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