Rashard Lewis Says LeBron Rumors Are False

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Well, that didn't take long. Yesterday afternoon, Twitter was rife with rumors that the Washington Wizards' Rashard Lewis had been carrying on some sort of affair with Samantha Brinson, LeBron James's longtime girlfriend and mother of his children. It didn't help matters that an actual "journalist," Stephen A. Smith, helped start the rumors with vague talk about "personal" problems hampering James. Lewis called a Houston-area hip-hop radio station and put the rumors to rest.

Lewis said the rumors are "100 percent false" and theorized that people were trying to spread them to get into LeBron's head. Lewis said he has never even met Brinson.

Considering Lewis just got engaged to his longtime girlfriend, the seemed pretty shady in the first place.

Stephen A. Smith might want to explain himself now.

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Keef Harris
Keef Harris

why would that punk stephen smith even start such a thing i don't even think he's a good sports journalist.


Stephen A. Smith is a loud moth cockroach


Can you guys at the very least get the name right of the person you do a story on?? It's SAVANNAH BRINSON. Who takes responsibility in this blog for accuracy? C’mon guys, be somewhat professional.


lol he said the nba is a small sisterhood =)

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