Report: Erik Spoelstra's Job is Safe

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via The Onion
Oh, no, Spo' won't go. According to reports from The Boston Globe (of all papers), Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra's job is safe for next year. Its sources also claim that at no point in the season was Spoelstra's job ever in danger.

From The Globe:
Miami team sources said Erik Spoelstra's job was never in jeopardy this season and he will get an opportunity to make another NBA title run next year. The Heat will have to rework the roster around James, Wade, and Chris Bosh. Miami was forced to sign a group of aging veterans to minimum contracts because of salary-cap issues.
It seems fair. Only two coaches took their teams to the NBA finals this year, and Spo was one of them.

Sure, there's always the specter of Pat Riley returning to the sidelines, but the guy is 66. What other possible coaching candidate would be an improvement over Spoelstra? Any new coach would have to gel instantly not only with the big three, but with Riley as well. Spoelstra seems to have done just fine, and a rather sane round-table of ESPN contributors seems to think that firing Spoelstra is certainly not a solution.

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Maui Cuz...
Maui Cuz...

Erik Spoelstra is one of the best coaches in the NBA!! If the HEAT even think of letting him go, they're delusional, nothing wrong with him...He happens to be the only coach I've seen in the NBA who can keep his cool during games and doesn't go running out on the court like other coaches when they have their tantrums for bad calls, etc. This keeps the HEAT players in check also(usually), they don't get flustered and break down during games.Besides that, he's the 1st Filipino coach in the NBA...!!! He's got lots of ALOHA!!Right On, Brah...

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