Dear Coral Shores High Seniors: Your Prank Was Really Lame

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via Monroe County Sheriff's Office
Woah, deep stuff.
Kids these days! You'd think what with their Tweetering and Facespaces and such they could knock their heads together to come up with an original way to prank the Man. Or at least a fun way that doesn't involve costing their school thousands of dollars to clean up -- who doesn't love watching the wrath of a million bouncy balls?

But no, at least for a few geniuses at Coral Shores High, the only way to celebrate summer break was by coating their school hallways in orange spray paint and garbage. How creative!

Teachers at Coral Shores, a public school in Tavernier, found the damage on Wednesday, according to the Monroe County Sheriffs.

Trash cans were knocked over, toilet paper was strewn around the hallways, and graffiti was scrawled across the walls with such works of heartbreaking genius as "We rule this" and "Seniors."

Kids, kids, kids! There are better options out there. The classic bouncy ball attack:

Thousands of full cups of water:

Even the old packing peanuts standby is better than your lazy ass graffiti:

But it's too late now for the Coral Shores seniors. Their principal, Dr. Alberto Rodriguez, has declined to pursue criminal charges against the pranksters. We've called to see if there's a cleanup cost estimate yet, but Rodriguez hasn't called us back yet.

Here's the damage:

via Monroe County Sheriff's Office
via Monroe County Sheriff's Office
via Monroe County Sheriff's Office
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I thought all these schools have cameras now?  Thanks for costing the taxpayers money you little turds.


I thought egging people from a pickup truck was enough. Sheesh.

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