Stephen Colbert Starts His Own Rick Scott Letter Writing Campaign

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In a miscalculated move to try and boast public support, Florida Gov. Rick Scott's website asked his fervent supporters, all five of them, to sign their name to a pre-written letter and send them off to Florida's newspapers letter to the editor section.

Well, at least one fake conservative pundit is impressed: Stephen Colbert. The Comedy Central host has actually decided to do Rick Scott one better and has put up his own pre-written letter on his website. Though, he seems to trust the writing skills of Floridians a bit more, and lets them fill in certain words in the letter for themselves, Mad Llibs style.

Jump to the 1:48 mark in the video below to watch Colbert kick off his Rick Scott letter writing campaign.

Yes, you can actually fill in the letter here:
Dear Editor,

It is my strong belief that Rick Scott is a(n) [adjective] governor. His letter praising himself makes me want to [verb] up. I [adverb] [verb] this great nation, and everyone should [verb] Rick Scott with a [noun] for a(n) [interjection ]full-body shave like a naked mole rat.

[Name], [City]
Few audiences are quite as devoted as Colbert's, so we're not sure who we should feel a slight bit of sympathy for: Scott, or the newspaper interns who have to wade through all the incoming letters.

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Please please please let the papers print both the letters for and against Scott. All of them... Unedited...

matt gordon
matt gordon

Florida has got to stop electing unindicted carpetbagging sociopaths for governor.


I love Colbert. I don't feel bad for the interns. My guess is they take them to happy hour and turn reading them into a drinking game. By the way there's a typo in the first sentence-- all five of *them.

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