Thousands of Florida Doctors Ask Judge to Block New Law Barring Them From Asking About Guns

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The party that supposedly favors deregulation and keeping the government out of people's lives passed a state law this year that barred doctors from asking patients about gun ownership. Republican Gov. Rick Scott signed the bill into law, but now a group of thousands of doctors and gun control groups have asked a judge to block the law.

The bill was sponsored by freshman state Rep. Jason Brodeur, R-Sanford. Politifact ruled his claims that doctors, under the health care reform measures passed in 2010, would give the information to insurance companies and the government a lie. In fact, the new health care laws actually have specific measures protecting gun ownership rights.

Broduer's concerns also arose from American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines that suggest pediatricians provide gun safety information to parents who own guns to protect their children.

Doctors' groups in the state that felt the bill was at least unnecessary and at worst unconstitutional. The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence in conjunction with numerous doctors' groups have already filed suit against Rick Scott and the State of Florida over the constitutionality of the law.

Now the group is asking a judge to grant an injunction that would prevent the law from being enforced until the outcome of that suit.

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Our Time is Coming...
Our Time is Coming...

This is just another way our Federal Government(Big Brother) snoops into our private lives! Liberal leftist type tactics to undermine our Constitutional Rights under the 2nd Ammendment. How long do you think it would be until there's a SWAT team banging at your door for you to come out and surrender all your weapons, which the Obama Regime has ruled dangerous to your community...?!! The time is coming people, sooner than you think when this type of scenario happens, what will you do when it does...? I guarantee there are many out there who aren't kidding when they say, "You'll have to pry my gun out of my cold dead hands...!!"


The primary motivator is the American Academy of Pediatrics. They are in favor of a complete ban on personal ownership of firearms and up until 3/9/2011, when they replaced it with a less overt message, their website stated the following:

Where We Stand: Gun Safety

The most effective way to prevent firearm-related injury to children is to keep guns out of homes and communities. The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly supports gun-control legislation. We believe that handguns, deadly air guns, and assault weapons should be banned.

Until handguns are banned, we recommend that handguns and handgun ammunition be regulated, that restrictions be placed on handgun ownership, and that the number of privately owned handguns be reduced. Firearms should be removed from the environments where children live and play, but if they are not, they must be stored locked and unloaded. Loaded firearms and unloaded firearms and ammunition represent a serious danger to children.

The reasons the law was passed was because:

1. AAP has an anti-gun agenda and encourages its members to follow suit.

2. Doctors have asked patients about gun ownership.

3. Doctors have asked children about gun ownership without parents present.

4. Doctors have recorded patient’s gun ownership information.

5. Doctors have released patient’s gun ownership information to a third party (police) without consent and without cause. (Uxbridge, MA)

6. Doctors have denied service to patients simply because of refusal by patients to reveal gun ownership information. (Ocala, FL)


More children have been killed in swimming pool accidents or legal prescription drugs than guns. Why don't doctors ask about those too? How about children being killed by negligence by doctors? Maybe PARENTS should ask their doctors about that!!

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