Video: Worker Dangling from Downtown High Rise Rescued

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You thought you were having a bad morning? At least you didn't spend it dangling helplessly from the side of the 63 floor 900 Biscayne Bay building in downtown Miami. Luckily, the maintenance worker was rescued without injury, though another worker who witnessed the incident was treated for shock.

According to WSVN, a Miami Fire Rescue had to repel down the building in order to help the man. It appears to be unclear how he ended up dangling from the building in the first place.

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No comment on the irony of the large word 'smart' below him?

also boo to the video ad. 

Karma payback
Karma payback


The guy was putting up an ugly ad on a formerly decent looking building.

Just visual pollution
Just visual pollution

The worker was installing one of those disgusting massive mural ads that deface many buildings.

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