Where in the Hell is Hugo Chavez?

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Help us find Hugo.
Where in the hell is Hugo Chavez?

The normally voluble Venezuelan president has been missing for nearly a month. The official explanation is that he's recovering from surgery to remove a pelvic abscess in Cuba, but rumors abound.

Is he pissing into the Mississippi to make it flood? Is he hand-delivering Domino's to buddy Muammar Gaddafi in his Libyan handout? Or is he somewhere else bathing in a tub of crude oil?

Keep an eye out this week for more installments in our Where in the World is Hugo? blog series.

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bad grammar good message
bad grammar good message

hes dead, i have no doubt about it.  i think surgery went wrong..he thinks cuba is his friend, he wouldve been better off getrting surgery at home in venezuela.  their medicine is great there so why did he go to cuba for such a minor surgery.  and whats with the photo op with fidel and raul castro?  Did Fidel and his brother know that Hugo would be killed so thats why they got a last pic with him? something is really fishy. 


I heard he was at Skywalker Ranch co-producing the pre-prequels. 


Last I heard he was in the Hell's vestibule (Cuba). Wherever he ishe should stay there. Seriously, other than his cronies who would miss this guy?

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