AA Arena to Protect Heat Fans by Not Letting Them Buy Hot Dogs

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Listen, you food seller! You STAY AWAY from those people who want to buy your food!
Don't worry. If the upcoming NBA season actually happens, the Heat want to protect you from homicidal arepa dealers.

City commissioners are scheduled to vote tonight on an ordinance that would prohibit hot dog vendors from selling food in the area surrounding American Airlines Arena, because the arena and whiny area restaurants want it that way, the Miami Herald reports.

City leaders and the Downtown Development Authority support the ban because of "lack of cleanliness, competition with nearby restaurants, even danger to Heat patrons" -- because, somehow, moving them to other neighborhoods will make the carts cleaner.

These carts are dangerous, said Kim Stone, general manager of the arena that makes a splagillion dollars a year selling overpriced food.

"The arena has traditionally been concerned about the street vendors that operate during events because they impede pedestrians, causing them to step into the street, which aggravates traffic, but most importantly creates serious safety hazards for drivers and pedestrians," she said.

We call shenanigans, Ms. Stone. Blame the "let's go running in the road!" Heat fans, not the guy trying to sell a $2 hot dog. It's not his fault your funnel cakes cost as much as a Kia.

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Heat are deadbeats
Heat are deadbeats

Kim Stone shouldn't be wasting her time trying to put small companies out of business.

Kim Stone should be trying to force the deadbeat Heat into paying rent on it's taxpayer owned waterfront location.

Heat deadbeats
Heat deadbeats

Kim Stone is an overpaid liar.

Hi Kim,How about getting the Heat to pay rent.Deadbeats.


Stone is full of it.  Good to see Vile Natacha has a new job though.

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