Alonzo Mourning Cited by Police for Leaving Scene of Accident

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It's been a strange week for Miami Heat star-turned-executive Alonzo Mourning. He was involved in an alleged hit-and-run accident, with the other driver filing a lawsuit. He then hosted his annual Zo's Summer Grove charity weekend only to have Dave Chappelle involved in a metaphoric on-stage car crash. Now he faces actual misdemeanor charges stemming from the actual accident.

William Candelario, 21, an art student, had already gotten into one car accident on the Julia Tuttle Causeway early last Sunday morning when Mourning came along in his Porsche and hit Candelario's stopped car. Candelario claims his car then flipped several times and that Mourning left the scene before returning about 45 minutes later in a car driven by his wife.

According to the AP, Mourning has now been issued a notice to appear in court for the second-degree misdemeanor of leaving the scene of an accident with property damage. He's also in trouble for leaving the scene without leaving behind information.

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Bubba The Wise
Bubba The Wise

Why do I sense a big buck lawsuit from the original accident participants. The actual idiots that caused and had the accident. Left no information?? How did they find Zo? HE CALLED THE POLICE. Another south Florida legal scam coming up. Go for the deep pockets, not the asses that had the accident.


William Candelario and his father are crooks.  William wasn't in the car during the second accident.  The only thing that happened was a totaled car got it's bumper smashed.  So what does he deserve for that?  Scorn for making a hazardous condition in the roadway!


I don't think Zo caused the car to flip.  As I understand it, the flipping occurred during the original impact.

Think for a second, New Times, about how much force you would need to flip a stationary car.  Cars flip during accidents because their translational inertia converts to rotational inertia.  A stationary car has no translational inertia.

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