Awesome Pictures of the Last Shuttle Launch Taken From Airplane

atlantis plane square.jpg
via Twitter user ChadGraff
STS135's exhaust trail emerges from a cloud somewhere over Florida Friday.
To those of you who thought that picture on the front of the St. Pete Times in May was a once-in-a-lifetime shot, well, we have another couple of them. We don't use the word awesome very often. This, though, inspires awe.

New Hampshire journalist Chad Graff tweeted two pictures he said his brother took on a flight to Miami. The first picture is a breathtaking shot of the exhaust slowly trailing off into space, and the second appears to show the shuttle, albeit from farther away than the May photograph taken of Endeavor by New Jerseyite Stefanie Gordon. There aren't many other words needed. Click for larger images. Vaya con dios, Atlantis.

atlantis plane.jpg
via Twitter user ChadGraff
atlantis plane2.jpg
via Twitter user ChadGraff

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Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

 NASA is in on it. Have you read about Operation Paperclip? Na zi scientists etc were brought secretly to the USA and other places like Argentina and here they started NASA

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