Chicks With Rick Scott's Eyes: A Party of Horror Starring Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Justin Bieber

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The only thing scarier than chicks with Rick Scott's eyes: Rick Scott with Rick Scott's eyes.
In case the real Gov. Rick Scott hasn't given you enough nightmare fuel to last a thousand bloody dreams, our in-house graphics department (commonly called "Pam Shavalier") has compiled a new collection for your bedside perusal.

In the spirit of Chicks With Steve Buscemeyes, the popular Tumblr site that endows women with actor Steve Buscemi's creepy peepers, we now present to you our latest venture into searing and intelligent political commentary: Chicks With Rick Scott's Eyes.

rick_eyes gaga.jpg
​Lady Gaga might be an unparalleled international pop sensation when wearing her own eyeballs, but when you slap on Rick Scott's ojos, she turns into the scariest, meat-wearing member of the Malfoy clan.

ricks_eyes emma_watson.jpg
​Turns out Hermione Granger plus Rick Scott equals David Spade.

david spade.jpg
"Hey. Hey. Not OK, man. That stings."
ricks_eyes sarah_palin.jpg
There are plenty of reasons to be irked by this one, but the worst part is that it looks so... natural.

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haha, that is just wrong!

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