Cop Fired For Alleged Drunken ATV Joyride Also Involved in Raymond Herisse Killing

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Raymond Herisse was killed in an early-morning police shootout on Memorial Day.
In another astonishing chapter of staggering ineptitude surrounding the Miami Beach Police Department, the officer fired last week for running over a couple on the beach during an on-duty ATV joyride was one of the officers involved in the Memorial Day shooting death of Raymond Herisse.

Herisse was involved in one of two police shootings during Miami Beach's Urban Beach Weekend; police said Herisse was shooting from his car and was trying to run over officers before more than 100 shots were fired at his stopped car on Collins Avenue. Three days later, police said they found a gun in his car.

And now, prosecutors have revealed to the Herald that one of the officers involved in the shooting is former Miami Beach police officer Derick Kuilan. Kuilan was fired last week after witnesses say he left the bar at the Clevelander Hotel and took a 27-year-old woman on a high-speed ATV ride on the beach with the headlights off; he went on to run over a couple, shatter a man's femur and then flee the scene. The woman who was run over suffered a perforated heart and had to have her spleen removed, according to the Herald.

The other officers implicated in the shooting, according to Herald reporter David Smiley:

Miami Beach Police:
  • Freddy Dominguez
  • Leon Azucri
  • Philippe Archer
  • Antonio Febrerye
  • Kenny Espada
  • Philip Elmore

Hialeah Police:
  • Sonny Ochart
  • Riardo Babich
  • Marlon Espinoza
  • Erik Martin

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Sonny Ochart is a hell of a cop and should be awarded a medal.  People do not understand what it takes to be a police officer and have to decide whether to shoot or not and the implications either decision has.  Had someone been killed by that fool, then people would have said why didn't the officers shoot.  Make up your minds folks, either you want them to do their job and come home to their families, or you want streets overrun with drunk idiots who have no regard for your life or the lives of your children.  Get real.  Talk to a real cop and find out what it takes.  Or talk to their wives and find out what they mean to their families.


I think everyone can respect "good" and law abiding cops. The problem is not them, its the thugs that are allowed to pass through and become cops only to victimize the public. Its a shame becuase it is a great proffesion but these types of idiots that do crime under the badge seek out these types of proffessions to do their dirty work many times unchecked.

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