Derick Kuilan, Miami Beach's Drunk ATV Cop, Turns Himself In on Criminal Charges

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Derick Kuilan has already faced professional consequences from the night the Miami Beach police officer took a woman he met at the Clevelander on a drunk ATV joyride down the beach before hitting a couple. He was fired. Now Kuilan faces criminal charges, and the former police officer turned himself in to police today.

Kuilan faces two counts of DUI with serious bodily injuries and another two counts of reckless driving. He turned himself in to Miami Dade Jail shortly before 11 a.m. this morning.

"The overwhelming majority of men and women in law enforcement are hard-working, up-standing individuals that understand the power that they have and they respect their badge, and they respect their position as law enforcement, but it's just like any other profession, you're always going to have a few that don't live up to the standard," Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said of the case on Monday.

Kuilan's utter lack of judgement resulted in the hospitalization of all three citizen involved. Twenty-eight-year-old Kitzie Nicanor, a mother of a toddler, is still in the hospital recovering from serious internal injuries weeks after the July 3 incident.

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I always felt south beach police officers were jocks turned cop.....this proves me right.




BECAUSE I WILL KICK UR ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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