Dolphins Cut Channing Crowder

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So long, Channing Crowder. According to CBS Miami, the Dolphins have cut the always entertaining linebacker. A former Florida Gator, Crowder was drafted by the Fins in 2005 and has played his entire pro career in Miami.

Reports CBS Miami:
In 2010, Crowder had 39 tackles, no sacks, and just 2 passes defended in 11 games with the Fins. In 2009, Crowder played in 13 games and recorded just 52 tackles and 1 sack. Crowder played his best season in 2008 when he had 113 tackles and six passes defensed.

The Dolphins could plan on re-signing Crowder at a friendlier cap cost, but the decision to cut him has made that less likely.
So, maybe he's not the biggest on-the-field loss, but we'll miss him for always entertaining trash talk. Once Joey Porter left the team, Crowder more than made up for the absence as the team's go-to talker. Take, for example, his 2009 quote on the then-undefeated New Orleans Saints: "They're undefeated, they're probably smelling themselves, rubbing each other's balls, all that shit..."

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im gonna miss my dreaded,red-boned,snow-white donning, shit talker <3

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