Bored, Locked-Out Dwyane Wade Tries His Hand at Selling Eye Surgery

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dwyane wade lasik.jpg
courtesy of Millennium Laser Eye Centers
Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade with Dr. Cory Lessner, the self-proclaimed "eye surgeon to the stars."
​The NBA lockout is making people do strange things: Heat players are beating on little kids at basketball camps, Chris Bosh went and got himself MARRIED, and Dwyane Wade is making YouTube videos about his Lasik procedure.

Yes, the 2006 NBA Finals MVP and 2010 NBA All-Star Game MVP is now the 2011 pimp for the SightTrust Eye Institute, "a leader in Refractive Intraocular lense technology," after he got laser eye surgery there last weekend, according to a release sent out by Dr. Cory Lessner.

The doctor quotes Wade as saying it was "actually an amazing experience" and "the result is awesome. I would recommend having it done to anyone." Wade also said, in the accompanying YouTube video, that "it might help me shoot better, so watch out."

Could have used those super-laser ojos when you missed that foul shot in game 4, Dwyane. It's OK, though. We're... we're over it.

Wade also described the Millennium Laser Eye Center as "like another home," which raises questions about what it's like at his actual home.

We expect nothing less from an doctor who uses the same PR firm as Gillette, Adidas and the Beijing Olympics. Yeah -- the same company that helped everyone forget about China being horrible is also working for a Broward County eyeball doctor. Maybe that's how he got The Rock to come down for a quick zippy-zap in the peepers:

the rock lasik.jpg
via Millennium Eye Centers website
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson with Dr. Cory Lessner
The actual, honest-to-goodness caption to that photo with The Rock: "I can't thank you enough for the gift of sight! Finally..I'll be able to see how truly handsome I am. Dammit! You're the man!"

We smell what you're cookin', Dwayne. And now Dwyane can see it, too.

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Wow that was really traumatic! They definitely should have let you take the valium. I'm sure it would have helped you to relax.

Hopefully your stomach will settle soon and you'll be able to eat again!!

Take care of yourself and have a good weekend :) 


How about selling some of these young black men the new horizons that exist for them throughout the world and beyond.

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