Florida Man Calls Cops After Hookers Rob Him When He Falls Asleep

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ll have our payday rituals. A 63-year-old man in Fort Pierce, for example, liked to hire a few hookers on Friday nights after he got his paycheck -- different ladies every time if he could swing it. Prostitutes can certainly wear a guy out, so the man would fell asleep. He repeatedly awoke to find that the women had made off with the remaining cash in his wallet. So, obviously, he called the cops to let them know he was routinely hiring hookers.

According to Off the Beat, the final straw for the unidentified man came July 1. He decided to go all-out that night and hired three ladies for $20 a pop. He picked them up from outside a convenience store near his house.

He was so pleased with the ladies' performances that once he was done, he even gave them a performance bonus. Then he fell asleep.

He woke a little while later to discover that an additional $90 was taken from his pants' pocket. So he called police.

When two officers arrived, the police report states, the man "enthusiastically" told them of his weekly hooker habit. He explained he liked to secure the services of different girls every time to keep things interesting, but noted they had begun stealing from him once he dozed off.

Though he also mentioned he was partly to blame because he can't stay away from "the girls in the short skirts," he wanted to let police know of the problem so that other johns wouldn't get ripped off.

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if this isn't the sign of a model citizen, I don't know what is! I mean, he's only looking out for fellow "Johns".

michael wind
michael wind

no mo hooka is a criminal,why no mo hooka,hooka has to pay russian mafia for protection,how you think they want to live large,ok. russian mafia has to pay police for protection,and corrupt politicians want money and hooka too...

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