"Haiti's Wounds" Video: Scenes From Bernard Mevs Hospital in Port-au-Prince

George Martinez
A man is brought to the Bernard Mevs emergency room in the back of a pickup.
This week's cover story tells the tragic and inspirational stories of three patients at Bernard Mevs Hospital in Port-au-Prince: from a young man born anew after his amputation to a teenage girl cut down by chance and circumstance.

For an even closer look at Haiti's health-care crisis, take a look at our slide show or click through for behind-the-scenes footage of Bernard Mevs and Haiti nearly a year and a half after a deadly earthquake.

Haiti's health-care system remains in traction: propped up by international aid but still reeling from the quake that damaged 60 percent of the country's hospitals and clinics.

Much of the reconstruction, meanwhile, remains sidelined until the appointment of another health minister. After his first pick was rejected by legislators, Haitian president Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly this week nominated Bernard Gousse as prime minister.

If the Senate confirms Gousse, the country could have a new health minister -- and a plan for rebuilding its health-care system -- within weeks.

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