Here's a List of the 783 People Hired by the City of Miami Since a "Hiring Freeze" Began

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This place has some curious ideas about a hiring freeze.
You'd think hiring freeze is a pretty cut-and-dried concept. In the private sector, at least, it means you're doing twice the work because your company can't afford any new faces; if you're unemployed, it means no one short of the organ donation factory will offer you a contract.

In the City of Miami, however, the term is apparently much murkier. As part of our feature about the disastrous reign of Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado, we filed a Freedom of Information request for anyone hired since the city's so-called hiring freeze went into effect in May 2009. Turns out 783 people have been brought onboard since then. Click through for the full list.

Granted, there are valid reasons for many of the hires on this list. More than 500 are temporary workers, many of them lifeguard types who keep city parks and pools open during the summer months.

There are also a batch of firefighters to fill vital vacancies, and staffers hired by new commissioners who've been elected since the freeze went into effect.

But you'll find plenty of curiosities as well. As Regalado said in an email to commissioners earlier this month, "Elected officials can hire full-time, part-time, or contract employees as long as they're within their budget."

He's used that power liberally. Along with ex-City Manager Tony Crapp, Regalado waived the freeze for 23 hires in the two offices, including a number of questionable hires, which you can read about in-depth in our feature piece.

Here's the full list:

Miami Hires

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You got the new hires, now check the consultants, check retires who retired and still working at the city as temporary employees, ..........some for city hall there's a consultant which has been with the city over 8 years......Keep digging.....

Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

nepotism that how you get a job in miami  just ask the city workers

"a college degree does not guarantee a job"

Nepotism in the workplace

Under Florida law, public officials are banned from "appointing, promoting, employing, advancing or advocating for appointment, employment, promotion, or advancement in or to a position in the agency in which he serves or over which he exercises jurisdiction or control any individual who is a relative." For example, if a municipal chairperson recommends or appoints his daughter for a clerical position in his office, then he is running afoul of Florida nepotism law.


For fucks sake, recall this MF!

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