Hugo Chavez Plans to Rule Venezuela Until At Least 2031

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Hugo Chavez certainly isn't helping the notion that he's not some sort of brutal dictator. We mean, how many non-dictators declare they hope to continue ruling their country for at least 20 more years? A cancer-stricken Chavez celebrated his 57th birthday yesterday and told the crowd he hoped to remain President at least until his 77th birthday.

"I invite you all to celebrate my 77th," Chavez told a crowd from the balcony of his presidential palace. "I had said I'd leave in 2021. Well, I'm not going away in 2021 or anything. Maybe in 2031."

Of course, Chavez seems to have maters of mortality and death on his mind. Last month, he mysteriously disappeared to Cuba where he underwent surgery to remove a baseball-sized tumor and will now undergo chemotherapy treatment. He expects to look like Yule Brenner after the chemo, by the way.

Chavez wants the prospect of death off his mind so much that he's removed the very word from a military slogan:
Chavez, who was jailed in 1992 for leading a failed coup after serving as a paratrooper and tank commander, called on his government to change a military slogan that he promoted from "Fatherland, Socialism or Death," to "Fatherland, Socialism or Victory. We will live and conquer."

"Here there won't be any death," Chavez, who was dressed in a bright yellow shirt in place of his normal olive green jacket and red shirt, said. "We can't choose between victory and death, we must live and conquer."
Chavez will next be up for election next year and told the crowd he expects to win.

"Next year, we will win the presidential elections once again! Strength, unity!" he said. Setting a goal he has never before reached, he said: "We're going for 10 million votes next year!"

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Hey Craig, you need to stop reading idiotic literature from the 1960's..The gringos are not the problem, nor the right wingers, but folks like you whether here, in Latin America or Europe that have not noticed that the cold war is over!!  The right side won, and by the way, this venezuelan lethal clown has been saying that he is going to stay long in power way before his "mentor" Fidel, lol, "diagnosed" him with the cancer. Its not right wing or left wing, its common sense McFly!!!

craig hill
craig hill

Leave it to a rightwinger to not get a joke---a guy dying of cancer is propping himself up, and telling rivals to cool their jets, by forecasting a long stay, and idiots without a semblance of a sense of humor read into it nefariousness in a country wherein they, of course, have no business, and are not going to be invited back any time soon, post-Chavez, even.  Really, are your rightwing readers that stupid??  Maybe they are!

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