Hurricanes Picked to Finish Second in ACC Coastal Division

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Another year, another season of uncertainty for Miami Hurricanes football. Could this finally be the year the once-storied team makes it to its first ACC championship game? Reporters who cover the Atlantic Coast Conference don't think so and have picked Miami to finish second in its division.

Seventy-one sports reporters ranked the ACC teams, and only four think the Canes will win the division. They finished at a projected second place with 328 points, behind prospective division champs Virginia Tech. But voters are confident that Miami will stand above division rivals such as North Carolina and Georgia Tech.

Of the voters who chose Miami to win the division, none of them thought the team would win the ACC Championship game. In fact, the vast majority of voters have the Florida State Seminoles beating the Virginia Tech Hokies in the big game.

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Craig L Vann
Craig L Vann

 That's great, 68 reporters think Miami will be about the reasons they think that? Personally I see a Canes team ready to spring and attack- the defense is a year older and I believe will be in better position due to more fundamental coaching( Sorry RS). I also think Jacory Harris is going to bounce back this year. Our O-line is one of the best in the country with a bevy of strong potential at wide receiver and running back( I love Mike James, a fast bull). I see great things for the canes personally. Vtech is breaking in a new starter if my memory is correct and so is Florida State. MY Canes have the advantage if JH just lives up to his ability.

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