iPhone Case That Also Stores Blunt Birthed By Ingenuity of Miami Designers

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Update: The funding campaign seems to have been suspended by Kickstarter's staff.

Wanna get high? There's not an iPhone app for that yet, but thanks to the ingenuity of Miamians there is now an iPhone case for that. A couple of local guys, according to their Kickstarter page, are trying to raise funds to manufacture the iHit: a case that protects your smart phone and conveniently stores a one hitter in the side.

The guys, who go by Joshea and Edward, already have two fully functioning prototypes demonstrated in the video below:

They're trying to raise $10,000 on Kickstarter in order to put the product into production, and so far have about $380 raised.

Though, their page is careful to note that they case isn't necessarily meant just for marijuana. The compartment, they point out, could also be used for things like a cigarette holster or mint storage.

[via Gizmodo]

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Joshea Mark
Joshea Mark

Yes, unfortunately, Kickstarter suspended our fundraising a day after launching. It is still unclear as to why we were suspended, but we think it has to do with falling outside of Amazon's restrictions on selling anything related to drug paraphernalia. We wrote to them explaining that we would make the necessary changes to our project in order to fall within the scope of the guidelines, but they have not replied and just a little while ago they removed our project profile. Please disregard the kickstarter link in the article and visit www.theihit.com if you are interested in pre-ordering the iHit. Thanks for the shout out!!

Daniel Smyth
Daniel Smyth

hmm cool idea, but eh..  it just looks too awkward, an like it's obvious theres a compartment there if you want to hide something


a roll of money in there is a good idea.  otherwise, not worth the risk until it's legal.  also, it'd be too easy to forget and bring it on a plane.

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