Is Rick Scott America's Worst Governor?

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Rick Scott: Florida's Sith overlord.
Clearly, Rick Scott is America's least popular governor. His numbers are so low that if he were a baseball player, his manager would have long ago slapped his ass and demoted him to AA. He's more politically radioactive than Anthony Weiner's twitter account. The man is loathed. But is he the country's worst governor?

New Times lays out the Eyelid-less Wonder's sins in this week's feature. But how does Scott compare to the rest of our loony state leaders?

Like some hideous Twilight Zone episode of America's (Not) Got Talent, we're pitting the worst governors in the US against one another. You decide.

Rick Scott (FL), AKA Voldemort:

In less than a year in office, Scott has already accumulated a long list of enemies -- and for good reason. From this week's feature:
He slashed funding for public schools, disabled people, and the unemployed; gave health-care companies control of Medicaid; and privatized nearly all of the prisons in the southern part of the state. Meanwhile, he enacted some of the most restrictive voting laws Florida has seen since the 2000 election debacle.
Add that to the record-breaking $1.7 billion fine for Medicare fraud that his health care company Columbia/HCA Medicare received (before he took office), his rejection of $2.4 billion in federal funds for high-speed rail, plus his unsuccessful push to drug test all state employees, and Rick Scott is already one hellaciously bad governor.

ChrisChristie-Credit Luigi Novi.jpg
Luigi Novi via Wikimedia Commons
New Jersey's big, brash, and boisterous governor
Chris Christie (NJ), AKA The Soprano or The Round Mound of Reaganomics:
Since his election in late 2009, Christie has been ticking items off his conservative agenda with the ruthless precision of a Garden State mob hit-man. First he whacked teachers unions. Then he took a snipe at the Obama administration by scuttling a $271 million tunnel under the Hudson. (Feds now say the state owes them their money back and may have to pay $2.71 million per year in fines until it does.)

Mooted as a possible presidential candidate, Christie just this week vetoed a bill restoring funding to Planned Parenthood because, God knows, birth control is out of the question in the Guido state.

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Pete Souza via Wikimedia Commons
Jan Brewer in full scheming mode
Jan Brewer (AZ), AKA La Gobernadora Loca:
1. SB 1070
2. SB 1070
3. SB 1070
If you need another reason to dislike Brewer -- and you really don't -- there is her general incompetence, as evidenced by her attack on Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano last week for supposedly keeping her in the dark on border policy: "Every time I find out anything about our border, I read about it in the paper or I hear about it on television or I hear about it on the radio," she said last Thursday. "I wish they would notify me to let us know exactly what they're about to do." In fact, they did, her staff just didn't pass along the message.

Of course, Rick Scott pushed for his own Arizona-style immigration "reform" but, thankfully, fell short.

Scott Walker (WI), AKA Little Koch:
Rick Scott may be a smarmy, crypt-keeping, confrontational a-hole, but at least he didn't cause a legislative meltdown in Tallahassee. In February, Walker led a Republican push to virtually eliminate collective bargaining for state and many local employees and require them to pay more for pensions and health care. Ticked-off teachers went on strike, flooding the capital. And when Democratic legislators fled the state in a last ditch effort to stop the bill, Republicans passed it anyways. Walker signed the bill and, despite ongoing legal challenges, it has already begun screwing unions.

The bill was right out of the conservative playbook drawn up by billionaire Koch brothers, which is no surprise since they were among his biggest campaign contributors. Rick Scott was so impressed that he called his northern namesake earlier this year to talk evil, evil shop.

Blago goes to jail
Dishonorable Mention:
Yes, Democrats can make awful governors too. How could we ever forget Rod "I've got this thing and it's fucking golden" Blagojevich, the former Illinois governor found guilty last month of trying to sell Barack Obama's empty Senate seat? But even among current Democratic governors, there are some clunkers. Minnesota governor Mark Dayton has led his state to a shutdown. And Christine Gregoire just axed Washington's tourism office to save money -- a move that is likely to cost her state a lot more money.

So which governor is the saddest of state parasites? Leave a comment with your vote.

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Glenn Roessner
Glenn Roessner

I don't know if he is the "worst governor ever," but, in my opinion, he certainly ranks as one of the worst.  He is an embarrassment to himself, the office and the citizens of Florida, of which I am one.  Regardless of one's politics or party affiliation, there has to be a better GOP choice than Scott.  It seems though the party has lost all sense and reason and its loyalty remains a brand name rather than any sense driven political ideology.  Case in point was Mitchell McConnell's statement that his goal is to make sure the current president does not get reelected.  Rather than his goal being the betterment of his state's citizenry, he, like Scott, work against the goal of the American system.  The same holds true with the Democratic Party.  Both parties need to go and all incumbents need to be removed. All!!!  Let us as citizens of this nation return this nation back into the hands of the people.  Let's start afresh and remember to vote all incumbents out of office or remember Thomas Jefferson's quote: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."  I will use my vote to remove every incumbent from office and urge you to do the same.


Impeach Rick Scott immediately!!!  He does not care about Florida or the wonderful people that live here.  We all need to get together and get him out of office ASAP.  I will start the petition, if you will all sign it!

Jacquelouise in Sarasota


Hands down, Rick Scott has to be the worst & should receive an honorable mention for being the the biggest criminal to win any election. (Of course this is Florida , the laughing stock of the voting populace.) I also would like to award Skeletor a special award for being the creepiest looking & another for the audacity it takes to robo-call (@half a million $ thus far) to tell the public what he is doing for us!Stop Scott - is there no way to get rid of this guy? And why will no one admit to having voted for him now? Can Florida ever recover from him when he has gone?


Rick Scott lied or skewed the truth when asked about high speed rail.  Scott said he was in support of programs to improve our infrastructure.  He denied high speed rail, a federal plan (Obama endorsed) for a more expensive (Orlando only) local plan endorsed by state Republicans.

Ozzie G
Ozzie G

Rick Scott is a crook stole from Medicare and invested 70 mil and he's gonna get it back one way or another how can you cut education and give tax breaks to the richest people in Florida who haven't created any jobs with there tax breaks Rick Scott is by far the worst governor I've ever seen


Scott is not doing anything he did not promise. Having read the measures implemented by these "elected" officials and personally do not see anything wrong with any of them as solutions to huge problems, other than the simplistic manner in which they are described.

I do however sense a bias in the selection of the list and feel that "Blago" should not be included in a list of current Governors. Well maybe as the token Democrat Governor.

Jorge in Miami


Yes, Impeach him NOW!He is a dirty slimy crook!He is the worst,I can't stand his crooked smile...........give him the pink slip now!Get out you dirty,lousy and dishonest crook


Jdiz001 you can best be described as a moronic tea bag who knows very little about government and gets your info from sound bites. Scott will not be back after the next election as not everyone, unlike you, has lost their mind.


Jorge,Scott promised to hold education  harmless when he ran for Governor... another Lie

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