Jason Taylor Doesn't Rule Out Return to Dolphins

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Rumors abound that former Dolphins legend Jason Taylor is about to hang up his cleats for good and enter the broadcasting booth. Well, Taylor says he's not ready to retire from the gridiron just yet, and isn't ruling out another return to the Miami Dolphins. But after the ugly way his last tenure ended and his subsequent year with, ugh, the Jets, can things ever be the same?

"I'm not done yet," Taylor told a reporters at The Palm Beach Post.

Apparently Taylor thinks he still has at least one more season in his 36-year-old body. Once the lockout is lifted, Taylor will be a free agent and will be looking for the right spot on the right team.

He also won't rule out a return to the Dolphins. "The Dolphins, in need of an outside linebacker and backup pass rusher, actually could use Taylor's services, especially if he agrees to take a backup role and help mentor second-year player Koa Misi," writes Ben Volin.

Though, the guy just got done with a tour of duty with the Jets. Would Dolphins fans still be eager to see the former fan favorite return for one more go?

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ron williams
ron williams

i hope jason taylor comes home were he blongs in miami we need you


 Lets put it this way: He was strongarmed out by parcells and co. which was unfair, but he made a conscious choice to sign with our worst enemies. I dont think much of those willing to turn their coats for money. That said, I will not consider restoring my respect for him until he sheds the white and green, period, end of story.

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