Man Killed by SWAT Team in North Miami Beach After Possibly Killing Friend

Two men are dead after a tragic situation in North Miami Beach last night. Thirty-seven-year-old Jonathan Woolfson is believed to have possibly killed his friend, Troy Longhurst, then Woolfson himself was shot after a stand off with the SWAT team.

Family members had become concerned about Woolfson's behavior and were unable to reach him. So relatives asked Longhurst to check in on Woolfson in his townhouse in the 16000 block of Northeast 27th Avenue.

Around 9:15 last night Woolfson's mother and stepfather heard gunshots coming from inside the townhouse and called police.

A SWAT team arrived but officers were unable to convince Woolfson to come out and finally broke into the home when they saw blood seeping outside from under the door.

Woolfson came out of his bathroom to confront police when gunshots ensued. SWAT officers ended up killing Woolfson.

After the shooting police found Longhurst's body and several firearms.

"The tragedy of the whole thing is that his friend came over earlier in the day to help him, and he ended up getting killed," police spokeswoman Kathy Katerman tells The Miami Herald.

Though, it has not yet been confirmed that Woolfson shot Longhurst.

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Lera Gavin

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Telle Crooks Lovedones

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