Marlins Tickets Now Cheaper Than a Stapler

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You don't have to be a rock star to afford Marlins tickets -- you barely have to be employed!
After years of flirting with the line, it has become official: It's more expensive to drink one beer at Sun Life Stadium than it is to watch nine innings of professional baseball.

There really isn't much else to say -- parking is $10, a beer is $8, and the Marlins sent out an email this morning advertising tickets on sale for $7.10.

The tickets are part of the Noche de Radio Mambi promotion and available on Aug. 25 and Sept. 21, but for 80 cents more you can pick up tickets for a few other games.

Somebody, please buy a ticket. It's cheaper than a trip to Chipotle, and bad baseball is still baseball -- but the Marlins are lookin' pretty saucy lately, winning five in a row going into the all-star break. And that $7.10 could pay off in spades if you end up getting to see Jack McKeon hit an umpire with his walker.

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If they can't give away tickets for less than the price of a beer why on Earth are we building them a new eyesore of a stadium with our tax dollars? I for one literally do not know one person that has ever gone to a Marlins game, the new stadium will definitely attract a few new visitors but historically stadiums only increase attendance for roughly half of one season. What then, more $7 tickets for our billion dollar stadium?


The author of this article is an idiot. Thank you for stating the obvious, it's called a promotion for $7.10 tickets because the radio station is 710. The beer & parking is expensive because we're renting the stadium from the overpriced Dolphins. Which are only known only for their 16-0 season.. 16 games NOT 162. Sucks that you didn't have anything else to write about in your article.. I feel bad for you but I hope you lose your job & end up turning to Marlins baseball for your only means of entertainment since you would be able to afford it as a homeless apparently. You must feel real cool shit talking about the Marlins.. Newsflash, you're about 8 years to late. No one cares anymore about a Marlins article except few real fans like myself. I will definitely look you up Rich Abdill, because if I ever see you at a Marlins game in the future, you will be drenched in $16 bucks worth of beer. k thanks bye motherf****r. (:

Neil's ghost
Neil's ghost

Baseball in Miami.........HahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


Jack is the man.

By the way, 790 the Ticket has been doing promotions on certain Wednesday games costing $7.90 for a few years now, so even when they're hot they're cheap.

Rich Abdill
Rich Abdill

I'm just baffled by your comment, Lilly. I didn't mean to "talk shit," and I promise I very rarely feel cool -- I have a job that involves getting bludgeoned anonymously on the Internet. I went to the Marlins game on the 4th and had a blast; just wanted to point out that tickets were cheap and the Fish were on a streak. You seem stressed.

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