Matthew Bellamy, Hero/Idiot Who Wore LeBron Jersey to Cleveland Indians Game, Severely Beaten

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Matthew Bellamy is definitely getting the full, abusive spin cycle of Z-list fame.

The Lakeland native, who moved to a Cleveland suburb as a kid, first achieved notoriety when he was booed and escorted out of the Cleveland Indians' Progressive Field for wearing a LeBron James jersey three weeks after the superstar announced he was leaving for the Miami Heat.

Bellamy, who, it must be conceded, looks like a gigantic douche, went on the local news to talk about it. Then the Heat offered to fly him to Miami to attend a game and meet the team. Then the Heat bizarrely rescinded the offer.

And now, as if to put a sad period -- or maybe just another em-dash -- on Bellamy's weird flirtation with fame: The guy just got his ass severely beaten outside an Ohio bar.

According to the Sandusky Register, Bellamy -- who, we were kind of depressed to learn, is 30 years old -- had left that town's Louie's Bar around 3 a.m. Monday when a man jumped out of a car that appeared to have been following him, yelled something, and punched him. Bellamy's head hit the pavement, and the aggressor punched him two more times. He's now in serious condition.

The suspect, according to the Register, is a 23-year-old man named Robert Horton. At the time of that story's publication, he was still on the loose.

The fact that witnesses knew the attackers' name suggest that he and Bellamy were acquaintances. Maybe the beatdown had nothing to do with Bellamy being the most hated sports fan in northeast Ohio.

But this ain't gonna do much to help repair Cleveland's rep as a sad and angry wasteland full of jersey-torching tyrants.

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Actually, Sandusky is smack dab in the middle of Cleveland and Toledo, with Cleveland slightly closer.  But, people get shipped to Toledo's St. Vincent medical center because it's the best place to send trauma victims....


Sandusky is an hour and a half away from Cleveland. This douche lives in TOLEDO which is over 2 hours from Cleveland.

Fat Hand
Fat Hand

An article that isn't directly critical of The Heat and Lebron? What gives NewTimes blogs? Surely you can fit your standard "Lebron is arrogant" slant or even some anti-DWade propaganda into this piece.

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