Michelle Bachmann to Visit Florida to Speak to Anti-Gay Group

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The race for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination has barely just begun, and Florida has already seen numerous visits from moderate candidates such as Romney, Pawlenty, and Huntsman, but the candidates further to the right haven't made their presence known here. That's about to change when Michelle Bachmann, the Tea Party queen who's surging in the polls, visits Florida in August to address a pro-life, anti-gay Christian group.

The Minnesota congresswoman will attend the Florida Family Policy Council's awards dinner August 27 in downtown Orlando. Tickets start at $75 and go up to $25,000.

You might remember Florida Family Policy Council and its president, John Stemberger, as the driving force behind 2008's narrowly passed Amendment 2, which bans all legal recognition of same-sex couples in the state of Florida. Stemberger also takes time to lash out at things such as women's reproductive rights, pornography, Muslims, and even Republican Attorney General Pam Bondi's sex life.

In other words, Stemberger and his organization are perfect fits for Bachmann.

According to a recent poll of Florida Republican voters, she's tied for second place with Mitt Romney, behind only Rick Perry.

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What a hateful waste of time!  Too bad Michelle Bachmann's supporters aren't spending their $75 - $25,000 donations fixing potholes and other productive projects... True Republican and tea party principles do not include legislating the personal liberties of others......Let's please focus on spending our money building the economy and training the next generation of Americans so that we can hope to remain a first world country - much less a Super Power!


Gee, I just thought of Anita Bryant? What could have brought that on?

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