New Times Earns Three First-Place AltWeekly Awards

Categories: Media Watch
Miami New Times and the Village Voice topped America's alternative newspapers in last week's awards handed out by the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies in New Orleans. Staff writer Gus Garcia-Roberts was given the nod for best feature for a story about fallen music entrepreneur Scott Storch. Freelancers Brandon Thorp and Penn Bullock were honored for short form news stories about anti-homosexual expert George Rekers, who took a vacation with a rent boy. And editor Chuck Strouse, who was also elected to the group's board of directors, was named best in the nation for a selection of political columns. The Voice took top honors in investigative reporting, staff blog, and music blog.

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You are not winning any awards for updating your blog on the weekend. What is up with this NYPD cop shot this weekend? The Herald is reporting bs. inquiring minds want to know.

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