Nick Arison Takes Over for His Dad as Miami Heat CEO

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It may not be as dramatic as last July's personnel change, but the Miami Heat have a new CEO and they didn't have to look far. Nick Arison will take over the position from his father, team owner Micky Arison.

The younger Arison has been promoted from his position as Vice President of Basketball Operations and started working for his dad's team back in 1995 as a team attendant. Meanwhile, the elder Arison will remain the managing general partner.

"This is something Nick has been working towards his whole life. He's more prepared for this job than I was at his age when I became CEO of Carnival," daddy said in a press release. "I have the utmost confidence that Nick will continue to lead the HEAT as a model NBA franchise for many years to come."

Though, CBSSports reports that the move isn't pure nepotism.

"He's not known as a meddler and is someone who is perceived as having earned his positions and promotions rather than simply have them handed to him," writes Ben Golliver.

Of course, Pat Riley will continue to be the man in charge of call most shots in player and coaching decisions as Team President.

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These deadbeats have never paid a cent in rent.

And they have an illegal billboard facing Biscayne Blvd.


Neil's ghost
Neil's ghost

Well awwwwright Miami. Now we have a third generation of Arisonofabitches to make fun of.

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