Now You Too Can Have Rick Scott Eyes

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rick_eyes gaga.jpg
Lady Gaga: Totally prettier with Rick Scott's eyes, right?
Yesterday we brought you some of the most hauntingly beautiful images on the web -- beautiful women like Katy Perry and Emma Watson sporting the piercing baby blues of our esteemed governor, Rick Scott.

Well we didn't want to leave out you, our lovely readers, so our expert graphics expert has expertly experted a printable Rick Scott eyes mask!

That's right ladies and gentlemen, all of your hard-to-reach emotional expressions are now wholly in your grasp! If you're happy but want to look sinister, or you're sad but want to go a little deeper into the "deranged" spectrum, we have the perfect product for you -- and it's available for just three fairly easy payments of nothin'. That's right, for a limited time only you can get a pair of Rick Scott eyes for free! Call today and we'll throw in, you guessed it, a second pair of Rick Scott eyes, so your family and friends can join in on the demented fun!

Well hop to it man! There are children to scare!

Click here to download a printer-ready, high-quality PDF of the Rick Scott Eyes mask.

rs mask-small.jpg
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You get an opportunity to write & reach the public & this is what you do?What a loser you are.Don't list valid points as to why you dislike our Governor. Don't offer alternatives to his plans if you dislike them so much. No, just be a typical leftist with no real arguement & blame the right for all of the worlds problems while spewing your hate & showing your stupidity.Your daddy must've jerked off in a flower pot, because you truely are a blooming idiot!!Good luck!!


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