Plaxico Burress Really Wants to Join the Dolphins

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Could the Miami Dolphins have one of the most elite receiving corps in the NFL year with Plaxico Burress and Brandon Marshall? Well, that's certainly a recipe for one of the most controversial receiving corps, and we also have to wonder if the Fins will have a QB reliable enough to actually pass them a ball.

Burress, only recently released from prison, was on WQAM with Sid Rosenburg yesterday and said he'd love for a chance to play with the Dolphins.

"Just for me to be able to be somewhere I love, that I call home, and to live at one place all year around for the first time in my life, it would be a beautiful situation," he said.

"We would be the best duo in football," he added of the possibility of teaming with Marshall.

Of course, Burress just got out of the clink for gun charges, and police are still investigating allegations that Marshall was stabbed by his wife after an argument.

Perhaps Marshall is all the controversy the Fins want or need right now. Reports and rumors since Burress's released indicate that the team has no interest in signing him.

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So in the past week, Reggie Bush, Ahmad Bradhsaw and Plaxico have each indicated they would love to play for the Dolphins. Now its just a matter of sitting back next week when free agency begins and watching our front office DO NOTHING.

We have had one of the most stagnant, boring offenses that are a crime to showcase when we are on national TV and is even more boring when us hometown diehards have to watch weekly.

For the love of god, MAKE MOVES Dolphins. De pinga!

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