Poll: Rick Perry Leads Florida GOP Primary, Even Though He's Not Running

Florida Republicans don't seem to know what to make of the rag tag bunch seeking the Republican presidential nomination, so much so that a recent poll shows that the favorite nominee in the state is a guy that's not even running. Yep, apparently Florida GOPers can't get enough of various Governor Ricks, and Texas's version, Rick Perry, is leading.

American Research Group, Inc., a little-known pollster, finds that 16 percent of likely Florida Republican primary voters would cast their ballot for Rick Perry. Only 15 percent would now vote for perceived front-runner Mitt Romney. ARG conducted a previous poll back in May without including Perry. Romney captured 26 percent of voters then.

Meanwhile, Minnesota crazy lady Michele Bachmann has surged from 5 percent in May to tie Romney for second place with 15 percent. Sarah Palin, who, like Perry, has not officially entered the race, is at 13 percent.

Meanwhile, Tim Pawlenty, who is racking up endorsements among Florida's Republican elected elite, sits at just one percent with voters.

ARG also divided Republican voters into those who support the Tea Party and those don't. A clear divide emerges, with only Perry getting over 10 percent in both groups:

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