Rick Sanchez, the New, Questionably Informed Voice of FIU Football (UPDATE: For free)

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Update, 7/28: The Sun-Sentinel is reporting Sanchez's new gig is on a volunteer basis.

Local folk hero and fired CNN anchor Rick Sanchez will strap on a headset this fall and announce football games for Florida International University, according the Miami Herald.

We thought he might have had some kind of circus deal with Mega TV in the works, but he's pulled another drunken swerve on South Floridians and taken up with the Golden Panthers. Sanchez's Wikipedia page hasn't been updated yet, but he'll surely fix that soon.

This year's New Times "best local boy gone bad" was fired from CNN last year after publicly calling Comedy Central's Jon Stewart a bigot and implying that Jews control the media.

FIU has a history of hiring formerly famous people, including alleged NBA sexual harasser and all-around poor sport Isiah Thomas. Sanchez should be fine as long as he doesn't have to explain things like weather or geography or volcanoes or anything else.

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CNN Sports - where all the washed-up, men of diarrhea mouth finally settle in their "careers". Wonder what "Sanchez" means in English? It's probably better left to the imagination.

Neil's ghost
Neil's ghost

Ironic how his CNN bosses actually proved his point. He still is one in a million, chance of a lifetime in my book.


"Drunken swerve" was sublime, Rich.

Marco Garvin
Marco Garvin

No comments! lol  You guys really reach the masses!  

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